Seven Important Tips To Do Immediately For Hard Drives, SSD and Computers When Problems Occur

  1. Do Not Plug the hard drive into the USB port of the computer IF your portable hard disk had just dropped onto the floor. If you do, you increase the risk of destroying the disk platters within the hard drive. The damaged heads could be out of alignment and they could severely scratch the platters where the data are stored.
  2. IF the USB connector on the portable hard drive or SSD is loose or shaky, Stop adjusting the USB cable to get the hard disk to be detected by the computer. If you do, you increase the chance of corrupting the data in the portable hard drive. The intermittent connectivity of a loose connection could affect the hardware and software protocol during data transfer operation.
  3. Do Not Repeatedly connect a faulty hard disk to the computer IF it is not detectable by the PC or MacBook after few attempts. Repeatedly doing so could pose the risk of aggravating the internal damaged of the hard disk drive.
  4. Instantly turn off your computer IF there is a bad burning smell coming out of it by pressing and holding onto the power button until the laptop shutdown. Alternatively, go for the power switch on the ac power socket and turn it off.
  5. Quickly Backup whatever you are doing IF your PC is behaving oddly or that the screen flashes intermittently. Insert your external backup drive, then drag and drop the working folders/files on your PC into the backup folder on the backup external drive.
  6. Stop Using and Eject the external hard disk IF there are strange noises coming out of it after any power surge incidents. Turn off the computer and check for electrical damages.
  7. Do Not Max Out the space on the storage drive inside any Windows Laptop or MacBook computers. A good practice to keep at least 15% of the storage capacity empty (unused) as this helps in maintaining stable and reliable running of the Windows and Mac Operating Systems within the laptop internal SSD or hard drives.

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