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Thumb Drive Recovery

Thumb drive data recovery is much needed today as flash drives had gained enormous popularity since making its debut in the early nineties. They are very handy and can be easily tucked away in pockets or handbags after use. There are a variety of brands available in the market and users can choose from a very wide range of storage capacity to suit their needs.

USB thumb drives do have their own sets of problems: When it cannot be detected or the files and data are no longer readable by the computer. Knowing how to troubleshoot can help you narrow to the causes and fix it. Here are some useful tips you can do before engaging a data recovery specialist.

  • Eject and remove the thumb drive from the initial USB port and try it on another available port to check whether the thumb drive is readable or not. If it is still not readable, then try it on another computer or laptop USB port.
  • A salient point to note is that for data or files to be written into the flash drives and readable by both the Mac and Windows computer, the thumb drive format should be FAT32.
  • For individual file size larger than 4GB (e.g: video files) to be stored and read on the USB flash drive, the exFAT format should be used.

After you have done these troubleshooting and if the drive is still not readable by the computer, then it is likely to be faulty. The files and data may be corrupted but are still likely to be recoverable. You can attempt to do a self-recovery and if you do need professional help, we are just a phone call away.

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What is inside the Thumb Drive?

The USB thumb drive usually consists of a printed circuit board (PCB) with NAND memory chip, controllers and other components mounted on it. The PCB forms the “body” and it is attached to the metallic USB connector so that users can insert it into the computer to access the data.

Any of the components on the PCB can malfunction and cause thumb drive failures. In other instances, corruption can also occurs when the flash drive is interrupted while data is being written into it.

7 Signs of Failed Thumb Drives

When plugged into the USB port of the PC or Mac,

  1. Thumb drive does not show the correct capacity size
  2. It appears only as a Raw partition/volume
  3. You are asked to format the drive
  4. “Drive is not accessible or not recognized” error message appears
  5. Totally not detectable by the computer
  6. It feels “hot” to the touch when you place your fingers on the “body” of the drive
  7. You notice some or most of your files or folders are missing

2 Common Types of Physical Damage

  1. Bent USB connector due to an accidental hard knock while it was still inserted in the computer.
  2. Thumb drive that is totally broken into 2 parts:
    • USB connector and the “body” are separated at the metallic joint
    • The “body” is broken into 2 pieces with the USB connection still intact

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, Feel free to contact Data Recovery Singapore at (+65) 6589 8578 for professional assistance. Our staffs are standing by to help you resolve these issues promptly.

Why Seek Thumb Drive Recovery Help?

If self data recovery is not successful, do give us a call and our experts will be there to assist you. We are a professional data recovery centre specializing in thumb drive data recovery and are here to help safely recover your files.

Why choose Data Recovery Singapore?

Data Recovery Singapore offers quick thumb drive data recovery services and we are conveniently located in Singapore.

Our specialists have over 10 years of expert experience and can solve all your flash drive problems using technologically advanced solutions.

They are well-trained and equipped in thumb drive data recovery and other data recovery services so engage us to help you recover drive data.

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