SD Card Recovery Singapore

SD Card Data Recovery Singapore

SD card recovery is a common data recovery service because the use of SD cards had increased tremendously over the last decade. Portable digital devices such as mobile phones, digital video cameras, tablets and laptops has proliferated our daily life and so has the consumption of memory cards increased accordingly.

Ever since the world of digital cameras overtake the film cameras almost a decade ago, the SD card storage media had become the preferred choice for most photographers. A higher quality digital camera such as the DSLR would require SD cards of higher speed and capacity so that it can retain the high quality photo images captured by the DSLR camera. For these reasons there are different types of SD cards having differing speed and storage capacity to match their intended use.

The common SD cards available in the market are SD, SDHC and SDXC. These memory cards will not last forever and they may exhibit card failure after a period of extended use. Some potential symptoms of failure are:

  • Corrupted or damaged cards

For memory cards that are damaged or corrupted, many SD card users prefer to engage a reliable data recovery expert as they are equipped with professionally advanced systems to safely recover the photos with high success.

  • Unreadable or missing photo files

In case of you discovered there are missing files in the card, you can attempt a self-recovery to restore the lost photos and videos. If self-recovery is not successful, do call us and we will be glad to assist you with the data recovery.

  • Unusable cards

If the SD card is in the camera, try turning the camera off for a while and then back on to see if the photos are viewable on the camera. If they can’t be viewed, turn camera off. Remove the SD card and insert it into the laptop SD slot to see whether the files are readable or not. If the photo files are unreadable by the computer and you need to have them recovered, you may do recovery on your own. In the event you are unsuccessful or you need professional assistance, do contact Data Recovery Singapore and we will be there to help you recover the photos and videos right first time.

5 Major Failures within micro SD/SDHC/SDXC cards

  1. Internal microelectronics malfunctioning
  2. Hairline cracked on-board, result from visual exterior card chip-off or bending
  3. Corroded board or microcircuit tracks within SD card
  4. Faulty single integrated component (on-board)
  5. Memory chips damage

The above failures could be the cause of data loss of your precious photos and videos in the memory cards.

Other reasons for data loss are due to:

  • Severe internal corruptions
  • Sudden data file deletions
  • Viral infections
  • Cards reformatted

Why Seek SD Card Recovery Help?

If self data recovery of the memory card is unsuccessful, we are just a phone call away and will be there for you. Simply call and speak with our helpful consultants. Data Recovery Singapore is a professional data recovery centre, specializing in SD card recovery in Singapore.

Why Data Recovery Singapore?

Data Recovery Singapore offers specialized SD card data recovery services in Singapore. We are conveniently located in Singapore.

Our experts have many years of experience with solving SD card problems using technologically advanced solutions. They are well-equipped in SD card recovery and other data recovery services, giving you the comfort that you are in good hands when you hire us.

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