Recover Deleted Files Singapore

Recover Deleted Files Singapore

Recover deleted files or files recovery is often required when accidental deletion, deliberate act of intrusion or malware/ransomware viruses attack occurs on our computer systems. When these things happen, data loss is a very traumatic experience. Important records such as customer data, documents, photos and videos, just to name a few, are files that we may need successful recovery as soon as possible. The prime task to undelete files and/or decrypt documents that were corrupted by deadly viruses is made possible using reverse engineering technologies.

Individuals, corporations and businesses alike can be grievously affected when the shit hits the fan. The best way of data recovery is with an off-line backup copy. All other forms of backups are not fool-proof and never always safe. So doing your off-line backups regularly is definitely mandatory. If you ever find yourself caught in a situation where there are no backups available, your next logical step is to stop what you are doing on your computer so that most of the data can be preserved.

Main Causes of Files and Data Losses

• Accidental deletions due to user errors
Failures of hard disk drives
• Loss of tablets, laptops and mobile devices
• Nasty spillages of drinks over computer and hard drives
• Power surge or failure while computer was operating
• Virus attacks and invasions

Virus, Malware Ransomware Attacks Affecting Computer & Mobile Users

VirLock Cryptowall Troldesh WannaCry
CryptVault CryptoLocker Bad Rabbit GoldenEye
Locky CTB Locker Petya Ryuk
Cerber Crysis Jigsaw Hydracrypt

Common Types of Files That Are Lost, Deleted, Corrupted or Encrypted

• Photos and Videos
• Email and attachments
• Partitions or volumes
• Secure or locked files that are passcode protected
• Word files, PowerPoint presentation files.
• Raw data such as Excel files
• Programming SQL files

File Systems That Could Have Been Altered or Damaged

• FAT – simple and robust legacy file system
• NTFS – Windows OS file system
• HFS – Mac OS file system

Are You Affected By Any Of The Above Issues?

We have good news for you. Those data are still there and not really lost, they can be recovered or undeleted successfully for majority of cases.

For ransomware attacks, it depends on the type and the extent of encryptions that was executed on your computer SSD or hard drives. It’s best to contact us and speak with our data recovery experts as soon as you can.

Data Recovery Singapore offers effective and reliable data recovery services at prices you can well afford. Simply call us at (+65) 6589 8578 and our staffs will advise you accordingly.

Why Seek Professional Files Recovery Help?

Lost, corrupted files and data caused a lot of stress and anxiety. You can choose between using a DIY solution or call a reliable data recovery company to help you undelete files and partitions. Using DIY solutions can potentially cause more harm than good if the wrong recovery method is used and may result in causing the data to be irrecoverable.

So give yourself the peace of mind, it is best to engage a professional data recovery centre that specialised in files recovery to help safely recover them.

Why choose Data Recovery Singapore?

Data Recovery Singapore is the industry trusted files recovery services, conveniently located at the heart of Singapore.

We use the most advanced data recovery technology available to diagnose and detect the issues, so as to ensure the causes of the problems are systematically narrowed down. Then with the right techniques the documents, files, data, photos and videos are recovered right first time.

Our specialists are experienced industry professionals in file recovery and other data recovery services, thus providing you the added assurance when you engage us.

Enquire about Files Recovery Services

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