RAID Server Data Recovery

RAID data recovery is a complex process and requires extensively skilled specialists to ensure that most of the RAID arrays are preserved and server data restored safely for all businesses and companies.

Redundant Array Independent Drives (RAID) systems are often used to store important data because redundancy are built into these servers and they are deemed to be fault-tolerant. However, RAID systems can fail too due to the possibility of RAID hardware failures, software failures, severe corruptions and even human errors.

Dependent on the RAID configuration, these servers can withstand up to 1,  2 or 3 hard disks failures. They would still be functioning like normal albeit at a reduced efficiency and speed.

When the failed hard disks in the server are not replaced, the RAID data arrays and structures could be damaged when more hard drives start to fail. The disks can fail due to sudden power surge, internal mechanical failures or severe corruption and data loss could result.

Server maintenance checks will ensure that the RAID servers are not showing signs of instability or distress. If any RAID hard drives or SSDs are displaying warning alerts then further actions are needed to mitigate the risks of server crashing or failures.

If server failures had occurred, it is therefore imperative to protect and preserve the RAID structures and arrays by shutting it down. This would contain the damage and also help the server data recovery process.

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RAID Server Data Recovery Singapore

Top 3 Causes of RAID Server Failures

1) Severe Power Surge and Supply Failure

Stable power supply is extremely important to the RAID arrays in the data servers. Mild power interruptions are usually tolerable by the RAID systems and will often be smoothen out internally.

However, any sudden power surges could severely affect the power stability of the servers and cause the RAID arrays to be corrupted. This could result in :-

  • Database corruption
  • Operating System (OS) damaged
  • Critical business information loss

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2) RAID Rebuild Failures

RAID hard drives or SSDs could fail in servers and these can be identified readily during service maintenance.

When the faulty drives are replaced with new ones, the internal RAID rebuilding process commence and it will take huge amount of resources to complete.

The entire RAID rebuild could fail before it is successfully completed if the other hard disks start to malfunction.

3) Multiple SSD or Drives Failure

Servers are generally fault tolerant but they cannot be neglected to the point where the number of failed SSD and hard drives exceed the fault tolerance level of the RAID configuration. Unfortunately multiple drives failure do occur frequently.

Do you have multiple hard disks or SSD drives failure? or Have the server RAID rebuild failed midway in the process?

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Types of RAID Data Recovery

RAID 0 Recovery

RAID 0 storage usually has 2 hard drives and are used to store data that require high speed read/write operation. It has no data redundancy or fault tolerance.

The data is split evenly across all the drives and if 1 hard drive fails, the entire data set will be lost. RAID 0 data recovery is the only way to restore the loss of data for such cases.

RAID 1 Recovery

RAID 1 storage has mirroring of data on all disks in the array. It replicates data on 1 disk to another to create redundancy and fault tolerance. It is commonly used where data reliability is of primary concern.

In cases where 1 drive fails, there will be no data loss if the failed disk is timely replaced in the array. However when both disks failed due to corruption, power surge or catastrophic events, then RAID 1 data recovery is the option to retrieve the data.

RAID 5 Recovery

RAID 5 storage is a popular RAID configuration and it has at least 3 hard drives in the array. It uses both striping and parity combination to provide redundancy and reliability.

When 1 drive fails, RAID 5 can rebuild with parity data after the failed drive is timely replaced. If 2 or more disks fails due to corruption, power surge or catastrophic events, then RAID 5 data recovery can help prevent the permanent loss of data.

RAID 6 Recovery

RAID 6 storage uses parity stripes across 2 drives to increase the level of redundancy and reliability of the RAID array. It requires at least 4 disks and can withstand 2 concurrent drives failure without losing data.

So if 3 or more disks fails due to corruption, power surge or catastrophic events, then RAID 6 data recovery is required to recover the lost data.

RAID 10 Recovery

RAID 10 (RAID 1+0) is a nested RAID configuration and has at least 4 disks. It uses both the redundancy of RAID 1 with the striping of RAID 0 in order to achieve high performance and reliability.

When 2 drives of the mirrored pair fail, then RAID 10 data recovery is the solution to get the data back.

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OS & File System Support

  • File Systems:
    • Linux/Unix,
    • EXT2/3/4, XFS,
    • HFS, HFS+
    • NTFS, FAT32
    • UFS, NFS
    • VxFs, VMFS
  • Database  and Email Clients
  • VMware
  • Netware
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacIntosh

Server Brands Supported

Cisco Oracle IBM Lenovo Drobo Fujitsu Buffalo
Dell EMC Gateway LSI LaCie D-Link NetGear
HP Apple Hitachi HPE Linksys Qnap WD

and many more…

Why Seek Reliable RAID Server Data Recovery ?

Data servers formed the backbone of the enterprise network and they store and supply the information for processing to all computers and equipment. The data in the RAID arrays are critical and need to be recovered correctly.

It is wise to contact a trustworthy data recovery centre specializing in RAID SSD data recovery to restore your data right first time.

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