RAID Server Data Recovery

RAID data recovery is a rather complex process and requires extensively skilled specialists to ensure that most of the RAID arrays are preserved and server data restored safely for all businesses and companies.

In this present day and age, Network Data Servers often have RAID arrays built within the installed hard drives with redundancies. The fault tolerant levels of these servers largely depend on the type of RAID configuration used.

Servers are configured so that the internal hard disk drives can store larger amount of data using the appropriate RAID configuration. The server data are stored in arrays and are spread across a number of RAID hard disks.

Server data recovery is synonymous with RAID data recovery. This is because when data servers go down or malfunction, it is the RAID data that we are recovering from the servers. Hence these 2 terms are often used interchangeably.

Server Data Recovery Singapore

Server or RAID Configurations

Redundant Array Independent Drives (RAID) is often used by small to medium (SME) businesses as well as large companies because there are cost-effective redundancies built-into the enterprise network storage servers. Different types of RAID configurations have provided business users and companies with the assurance of redundancy when some of the data arrays malfunction or fails.

For instance, depending on how the RAID Servers were configured, some can withstand up to 1, others 2 or even 3 hard disks failures within the servers and it can still be functioning as usual albeit at a reduced efficiency and speed.

However if no appropriate remedial actions are taken quickly to restore all the failed hard disks in the data server, the RAID data arrays may soon collapse when more hard drives start to fail too.

Common RAID Types in All Servers

The common RAID levels found during server data recovery are namely; RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 0+1, RAID 1E and RAID 5E.

Each of them has their unique failing patterns and recovery of the corrupted data arrays will be different for the various RAID types. They need to be handled using the right methods to ensure high level of successful recovery of the arrays and server data.

It is important to be reminded that RAID 0 servers cannot afford to have any of the hard drives to fail; so make sure to have regular backup of your data.

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Top 3 Causes of RAID or Server Failures

1) Server Power Interruptions

Stable power supply is extremely important to the RAID arrays in the Server. It is the main source of energy to all the electronics and devices within the data servers and network attached storage (NAS) systems.

Mild power interruptions are usually tolerable by the RAID systems and will often be smoothen out by the internal power regulating modules. Any severe interruptions to the power stability of the servers may cause the RAID arrays to be corrupted and bring down the servers or NAS completely.

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2) RAID Rebuild Failures

RAID hard disks do fail within the servers or NAS and they are readily spotted during regular monitoring and maintenance. The faulty server hard drives are then replaced with suitable new ones to avoid a total server failure when the fault tolerances are exceeded.

Any hard drive replacement would trigger the RAID rebuilding process so that the data can be re-constructed into the newly installed hard drives. The RAID rebuild process can take considerable amount of resources and time.

Hence the rebuild can place a lot of stresses and demands on the other working hard disks in the data server. This could result in failure of RAID rebuild as more hard drives may start to fail too during the tremendously stressful period of rebuilding.

3) Multiple Hard Drives Failure within RAID Servers

Failure to perform regular checks and maintenance on the servers can lead to very fatal outcome. Data Network or NAS Servers are highly tolerant devices used for large scale data storage and management. However they cannot be neglected to the point that the number of failed hard disks exceeded the fault tolerance of the RAID configuration of the servers.

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Main Types of Server Data We Recover

  • File Systems:
    • Linux/Unix,
    • EXT2/3/4, XFS,
    • HFS, HFS+
    • NTFS, FAT32
    • UFS, NFS
    • VxFs, VMFS
  • Database and Email Clients
  • VMware
  • Netware
  • Windows Servers
  • Linux Servers
  • MacIntosh

Server Brands We Specialize


… and many others.

Why Seek Reliable RAID Server Data Recovery ?

Data servers are critical parts of the enterprise network that store and supply the information for processing to all computers and equipment that sit on it. The data in the RAID arrays are invaluable and need to be restored correctly. It is wise to contact a trustworthy data recovery centre specializing in RAID Data Recovery to restore your data right first time.

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