SSD Data Recovery Singapore

SSD Data Recovery Singapore

SSD data recovery is the service required when your solid state drive (SSD) fails unexpectedly. SSD drives are quiet and more reliable compared to the normal hard drive. They have no moving parts and data are stored in arrays of flash memory chips. SSD do give problems due to wearing out of the flash memory usage over time. When the flash memory on the SSD can no longer function properly, your documents or data may be corrupted or lost.

There can be no mechanical failure in a solid state drive. SSD electronic failures, in the form of electronic components that perform the reading and writing of data onto the on-board memory chips and system controllers can fail due to a variety of reasons.

Data Storage in Mac Laptops, Windows PCs, NAS or RAID Systems

The SSD and HDD are 2 typical types of drives you can choose for your personal computers or network attached storage RAID drives. In the past, computing devices are usually fitted with the conventional spinning hard disk drives. HDD is usually cheaper with large storage capacity, and are reliable depending on the brands you have chosen. In recent times, the solid-state drives are becoming more popular and are opted by avid users due to the SSD ever decreasing cost per byte as this technology matures and is becoming more widely adopted as the new norm in the computing industry.

These days some users will even choose to have a hybrid drives systems; that is having both SSD and HDD installed in their computing system to handle different computing demands and capacity storage requirements. For example, SSD can be used for the operating system and applications, while larger capacity hard drive will be for storing files.

Why Solid State Drives (SSD) over Conventional Hard Disk Drive?

  • Form Factor: SSD are smaller in size, weighs lighter and more portable
  • Speed: SSD are much faster which are better for high performance demanding systems
  • Quiet Operation: SSD are more stable and are non mechanical with no movable parts
  • Power: SSD consume less power and the portable laptop battery can last longer for each charge
  • Reliability: SSD are robust and their failure rates are lower
  • Capacity: Storage bytes of SSD are getting larger and larger
  • Price: Memory storage cost per byte for SSD is getting cheaper and cheaper

Warning Signs of Potential SSD Failure

There is no clicking sound of any sort from a failing solid-state drive, unlike the traditional hard disk drive failure. Having a good SSD performance monitoring software tool is a good way to sieve out any potential operating issues with the solid state drive on your computing systems.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs of SSD failing:

  1. Bad blocks errors found
  2. Slow access and frequent errors during file transfer
  3. Files can no longer be written or read; in some cases files can be read but cannot be written
  4. During booting up the system can crash unexpectedly
  5. File system that has issues repeatedly and need restoration

When you have a SSD failure, even the laptop might not work. Your precious data may or may not be corrupted yet, depending on the issue at hand when the SSD fails. Shut down your computer system immediately to prevent further data loss or aggravate the SSD condition.

Do not panic, pick up the phone and call us at our helpline to have your SSD data recovery done as soon as possible. Data Recovery Singapore offers affordable SSD data recovery service in Singapore. We can bring back your data, files, videos, photos and music files as you want it.

Here are the brands of Solid State Drives we can help users recover data: Samsung SSD, SanDisk SSD, Toshiba SSD, Kingston SSD, Seagate SSD, Western Digital SSD,… and many more. Call us now and speak with our friendly SSD data recovery consultant.

Why Seek Professional SSD Data Recovery Help?

While you might want to use DIY products on your own, the entire recovery process can be overwhelming and stressful. Why risk all your data, files, photos and videos further with DIY solutions that could cause you even more in emotional stress and resource?

When it comes to recovering your data, you really don’t want to take any more chances. It is apt to contact a professional data recovery centre specialising in SSD Data Recovery to restore your data right first time.

Why choose Data Recovery Singapore?

Data Recovery Singapore is the industry reliable SSD data recovery service and we are conveniently located at the heart of Singapore.

With many years of industry experience, our specialists used our A.C.E data recovery methodology and provide the most effective solutions for all your SSD problems. The issues are diagnosed systematically using the most advanced technology. After which we use the right techniques to have the data recovered right first time.

Our specialists are well-equipped in SSD data recovery and other data recovery services, thus giving you the added peace of mind when you use our services.

Enquire about SSD Data Recovery Services

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