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Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Singapore is the centre for professional and reliable data recovery services in Singapore. Our specialists are highly experienced and can help you with all your needs, from recovering your Hard Disk (HDD), SSD, NAS, DAS, RAID, external hard drives to recovering deleted files...

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Where every bit of data on your hard drive matter to you. While hard disks are found on all computers, they are not absolutely fail-proof. HDD failure and crashed hard drives can happen anytime anywhere...

NAS, DAS, RAID Servers - Data Recovery

RAID enterprise Servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) - Data recovery for every home, businesses and offices

External Portable Drives - Data Recovery

External hard drives, USB flash drive, portable SSDs - Get back your data as you want it

Laptop & Desktop -
Computer Data Recovery

Urgent laptop and desktop computer data recovery - For Home and Office users, Businesses and Companies

Photo & Video Files Recovery

Data deleted or lost can be very distressing, especially when these files bring back precious memories from the many occasions we had with our loved ones and friends. They deserved to be restored and reminiscence again... including business data on HDD, SSD, NAS and servers

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Data Recovery Singapore

Professional and Reliable Singapore Data Recovery Centre

Looking for data recovery services in Singapore? and at a convenient location?

Worry that the data recovery company is unreliable? or charging you too much?

Want to restore your data, photos, videos, emails and lost files with high success ?

Good news! At Data Recovery Singapore, we provide you with professional data recovery services at affordable prices. Above all, we seek to delight our customers and our services are reliable, when it comes to restoring your data from all your media storage devices and drives recovery.

Types of Data Storage Problems

There are a variety of issues faced by computer users in Singapore. They can range from normal hard disks crashing, software corruption which are common encounter, to failure of solid state drives, portable external hard disks, network attached storages, SD cards, and thumb drives which many users have at home, to lost files, emails, deleted data, photo and videos on Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung mobile phones, Galaxy mobile devices and enterprise servers in the office, and more.

Each type of issues has its own causes and effects. The methods employed to handle them can vary too, as can the DIY products available in the market today. There are various types of DIY available online but sometimes, they might do more harm than good to the existing problems. Why? Because if the wrong techniques are used, the data that you so wanted it recovered may not be there anymore. Thereafter resulting in more emotional stresses, time, cost and resources.

These are the reasons many home and business users choose to engage data recovery experts whenever faced with data storage media, hard drives or data problems in their laptops, desktops and workstations; you should do so as well.

Data Recovery Helpline: (+65) 6589 8578

Need to recover lost data or repair OS? Call and discuss your issues with our experts today.

Our Data Recovery Services

At Data Recovery Singapore you can find the most professional and affordable data recovery services in Singapore. We have the right experience and specialists to help you with all your needs, from recovering hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), network attached storage (NAS), redundant array independent drives (RAID), portable external hard drives, iPhones, iPads, other mobile devices to USB flash drives, SD cards, thumb drives as well as recover deleted files, emails, photo and videos.

Hard Disk Drive Recovery

hard disk drive recovery
Safe hard drive data recovery for HDD Brands : Seagate, HGST, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Western Digital (WD), Hitachi, Samsung and more

NAS, DAS & RAID Servers

nas das raid recovery
Professional NAS data recovery for Asustor, Qnap, Synology Network Attached Storage. Recovery of RAID data to restore Servers operation for home, office and businesses

Our A.C.E Data Recovery Expert Methodology

The methods we use to recover data are technologically proven to deliver the most advanced solutions to your specific needs. Our effective and simple 3 steps A.C.E approach have delighted all our customers in solving their problems and fulfilling their most pressing needs within the shortest possible time.


To understand the depth of the problems and issues you are facing, our data recovery specialists will review and discuss the options with you. It will take about 20 to 30 mins. To give you the added peace of mind, your data devices can be given a professional assessment at our premises.


After the assessment is completed, we would advise you on the most appropriate solutions that are best to solve the problems you are facing. The analysis and recommended solutions will be communicated to you between half an hour to a week, depending on the severity of the issues.


 Based on your decision, we will implement the solutions to recover the data and the storage devices. Delivering to you the best solution in the shortest possible time, delighting you always.

How to Engage Us?

To find out more about our Singapore data recovery services, Call (+65) 6589 8578 and talk with our friendly staffs or fill up the enquiry form below

How to Tell if You need Data Recovery ?

Data Recovery Hotline: (+65) 6589 8578

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