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Hard disk recovery is an important and useful service in Singapore to rescue data from hard drives. Nowadays computers are a must for just about everyone and despite making our lives so much simpler, they can crash or fail unexpectedly too. They are electronic devices and there is no way to make them absolutely fail proof. The hard disk drive (HDD) that hold all the data have high precision moving parts, which is why they can crash or fail at anytime – bringing about a loss of data, and possibly damage to the hard disk drive.

Hard drive data recovery or HDD recovery is the procedure to restore hard drives that had crashed, failed, dead, damaged, got infected with viruses or been corrupted. You should be aware that recovery isn’t simply restricted to restoring everything on the hard drive. It is also valuable to recover files and lost records, restoring corrupted hard disk, and also finding information that you may have accidentally erased. Data Recovery Singapore offers hard disk recovery service in Singapore at affordable price.

Types of Hard Drives Failure

There are 4 main categories of hard drive failure: physical damage, logical, electronic and mechanical failures.

  • Physical Damage:
    Hard disk drives are very sensitive devices and they can be physically damaged by water, heat and physical impact caused by dropping or rough handling. The physical damage can be found on the internal components, circuit boards and/or mechanical moving parts. Due to high physical impact, the magnetic media platters can be scratched and cause read/write errors or formatting issues. Depending on the extent of the platter damage, the data are very unlikely to be fully recoverable.
  • Logical Failure:
    Viruses, malware, corrupt files and/or human errors can result in logical failure in HDD. These failures happen to the file system structure or software of the hard drives. When there is frequent errors, lost of data or missing files, it should not be taken lightly as these are tell tale signs of potential logical failures. The data are still there in the event of a logical failure and a safe proven method can be used to recover the data, photo, videos or files.
  • Electronic Failure:
    Failure of electronic components on the printed circuit board in the hard drive is a common occurrence. The circuit board controls the drive, position the read/write heads to enable retrieval, storage and exchange of data as directed by the computer. Heat accumulated within the hard disk drive is a major problem because it affects and shortens the life of electronic/electrical components. The chances of data recovery are high if you do not tamper with the failed hard drive with trial and error methods.
  • Mechanical Failure:
    These are failure caused by high precision mechanical moving parts such as the drive spindle, motor or a faulty drive head. The warning signs are audible noises coming from the hard drives. Unusual noises such as clicking, beeping, clunking, grinding, whirring or scrapping can often be heard if the PC or Mac does not boot.

Under these circumstances, shut down the laptop/desktop immediately and quickly get professional assistance. Do not allow any hard drives to continue operating during a mechanical failure as it will make the data on the failed hard drive to be irrecoverable. Also in cases of such mechanical failures, do not attempt to use DIY or software as it can very much do more harm than good and the data can be permanently lost.

Contact a reliable data recovery services company to safely rescue the data on the failed hard drive using a safe proven method of data recovery.

Are You Experiencing These Hard Drive Failure Symptoms?

If you are feeling anxious and do not know what to do next, hesitate no more. Just pick up the phone and call us at (+65) 6589 8578, our specialists will assist you and advise on next steps to prevent complete loss of data and hope of recovery.

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Why Seek Professional Hard Disk Recovery Help?

Although Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products for data recovery may be available online, these could be risky to use and may do your hard drive more harm than good. In some instances after using them, the condition of the crashed hard drive may get worse and the data might be gone forever.

When it comes to recover your data, you really don’t want to take any chances. It is important to ensure that the data are reconstructed right first time. It is prudent to contact a professional data recovery centre that specialize in hard disk recovery to restore your data right first time.

Why choose Data Recovery Singapore?

Data Recovery Singapore is the reliable hard drive recovery service provider, conveniently located in Singapore. With many years of experience, our specialists solve all your hard disk problems with the most effective and proven solutions.

We use the most advanced technology to detect where the issues are from, thus ensuring that the diagnostics are done well. Coupled with the right methods, the data are recovered right first time.

Our specialists are well-trained industry experts in server raid recovery and NAS data recovery, giving you the added assurance you are in good hands when you engage us.

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